Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ginsu steak knives

We were in Thailand and the Brits had chosen the restaurant.
They chose Italian.
Since my authentic Thai experience was not going to be, I decided to order the New Zealand steak. Did export beef really taste better than what we got at home?
Our mains arrived.
My steak was an island in a lumpy, brown gravy. The gentle waitress handed me my steak knife.
It was a ginsu.
Had the chef ordered the knife block set for his kitchen and got the ginsu steak knives free?
Had they been watching the infomercial on a quiet night in the restaurant and enthuiastically called and ordered?
Is this where ginsu steak knives came from so everyone has them?
Were they right now cutting through tin cans, tomatoes and frozen spinach out the back?
So many questions to ponder over my steak.
It tasted just like it did at home.


Anonymous said...
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