Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu

I know everyone's talking about it but I just had to because in December 2006 I was messing about writing a science fiction story and it has the following line:
"They came in after the last flu epidemic, the one from pigs. It made sense at the time of the flu epidemic, the quicker people were diagnosed, the faster they could be treated."

In 2007 I was still messing around on and off with this story and rewrote it a different way. But it still has the line:
"They were set up to catch anyone who might be suffering from the last pig to human influenza epidemic ..."

Freaky eh!
So here I am trying to break away from my factual writing - which earns me money - and try writing fiction and it seems my fiction is becoming factual. *Sigh*

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5 Favourite Sights Seen

  • 1996 Watching tropical lightning turn night to day, outside a little wooden church in a small village in Sabah.
  • 2004 Flying down the Rainbow Valley at 8000ft in a cessna on a clear blue day.
  • 2003 Seeing and hearing Michael Schmacher rolling out of the pit garage in his Ferrari in Hungary.
  • 2009 Chancing upon 100 or more dolphins just off the Kaikoura Coast swimming around, jumping out of the water, doing somersaults and generally having fun.
  • 2006 Finding a pool at the bottom of a waterfall in the bush at Kaikoura that was full of playing baby seals.