Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A tasty morsel

Everywhere you go, people are talking to each other. People are standing kicking the ground, picking bits off bark of a tree and talking into their cell phones. You catch snippets of half conversations. The clips make no sense, are usually dull and wash over you without leaving a trace.
But today I caught a tantalising sentence by accident.
I was walking along at my usual purposeful stride and passed a couple strolling in the opposite direction. They had their sunglasses on, they were in their mid forties and looked to be enjoying their holiday in my city.
She said, "The problem is she has too many boyfriends..." and I was passed them.
I kept walking but the remark rolled around my head.
"The problem is she has too many boyfriends." So she hasn't had too many boyfriends, (whoever she is), but she has too many right now.
How many is too many or is it that she has more than one and that is too many?
Is her problem she can't juggle the time commitments or are her problems on a bigger scale?
Is it a problem in a good way, with her only problem being she has too many boyfriends because she is good-looking, effervescent and rich? Or is it a problem in a bad way, that her too many boyfriends are ruining her life?
Sometimes I want to talk to strangers - just to sort out what is going on.

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5 Favourite Sights Seen

  • 1996 Watching tropical lightning turn night to day, outside a little wooden church in a small village in Sabah.
  • 2004 Flying down the Rainbow Valley at 8000ft in a cessna on a clear blue day.
  • 2003 Seeing and hearing Michael Schmacher rolling out of the pit garage in his Ferrari in Hungary.
  • 2009 Chancing upon 100 or more dolphins just off the Kaikoura Coast swimming around, jumping out of the water, doing somersaults and generally having fun.
  • 2006 Finding a pool at the bottom of a waterfall in the bush at Kaikoura that was full of playing baby seals.