Thursday, June 18, 2009

The appearance of a white rabbit

Four year old Lucy and I were walking past the cathedral on a cold, windy morning last week, when what should stroll out of the cathedral but a rabbit!
Well more accurately, Lucy was trying to dance an Irish jig and I was trying to get her to keep walking and then a bloke in a rabbit costume, looking a little tired, walked out of the Cathedral entrance. He folded up a sign that said "camera crew working".
He seemed so disinterested, I thought it was just by chance he looked like a rabbit. I thought maybe it was really a costume so he could lie somewhere and film without getting dust and dirt all over his clothes. Then as he turned we saw he had a little rabbit tail.
He was a rabbit. Lucy wasn't at all surprised. Rabbits popping out of a gothic revival style building seemed quite within the realms of possibility in her world.
So we went on our way.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Trinny & Susannah

I quite like Trinny & Susannah's approach to dressing. I did go through my clothes and try to get rid of everything they said would not suit my figure style. I am not sure if they came over they would notice.
But there is something inside that wants to yell at the end of their books - "It is just clothes! Who cares which bracelet you wear!"
They also seem to completely ignore the emotional attachment to clothes. "If it is not right for you get rid of it" - seems to be their catch cry. But if that ring was given to you by your now dead grandma, does it really matter if it makes your fingers look fat instead of skinny?
After reading a few of their books you do start to look at women in the street and if they are dressing "right" for their figure. Today I saw a lady in a rainbow coloured hoody, with a funky, knitted hat. I did think to myself T & S would cringe at the sight of it. True it probably wasn't doing much for her hips but when I looked at her, I thought anyone who wears such a cool hoody looks like someone I would love to know. If she had been wearing clothes the T & S way, I would have thought... nothing.
Sometimes those very things you are trying to hide can be a point of jealousy. Four year old Lucy said - with some envy in her voice - "Mum your bottom wobbles. You are just like jelly." Who wouldn't want to be like jelly? It is sweet, delicious and always a hit at parties.

5 Favourite Sights Seen

  • 1996 Watching tropical lightning turn night to day, outside a little wooden church in a small village in Sabah.
  • 2004 Flying down the Rainbow Valley at 8000ft in a cessna on a clear blue day.
  • 2003 Seeing and hearing Michael Schmacher rolling out of the pit garage in his Ferrari in Hungary.
  • 2009 Chancing upon 100 or more dolphins just off the Kaikoura Coast swimming around, jumping out of the water, doing somersaults and generally having fun.
  • 2006 Finding a pool at the bottom of a waterfall in the bush at Kaikoura that was full of playing baby seals.